Participate in "Fair Pay for Northern California Nonprofits:
The 2020 Compensation & Benefits Survey"

Submit your organization’s data by March 6, 2020 (extended deadline). To learn about our fee schedule and how you can prepay for the 2020 survey at the lowest possible price, or to take advantage of our annual "2-for-1" offer, please visit our "Order Survey Report" pages. The payment process is separate from your survey participation process.

Participate online using our secure website which uses advanced data encryption to keep your information safe. Your survey response is strictly confidential. Data submitted is used solely by Nonprofit Compensation Associates for the 2020 survey and related research. The survey report publishes only aggregate data so that no information can be identified as coming from a specific organization.

Nonprofit Compensation Associates does not share, rent or sell information from or about survey participants or purchasers to any person or organization.

You can enter data at your convenience and return to your record as often as you need to. To get started, click on this button:

If you prefer to submit data in an alternate format, please contact Rita Haronian at or 510-645-1005.

You will receive a confirmation email when we receive your submitted data, with instructions on how to order your copy of the report as a downloaded PDF file. Publication date is scheduled for April 17, 2020.

Here are several printer-friendly PDF files that you may find useful:

  • FairPayNCA2020Questions.pdf
    This file contains all of the questions asked from the survey. We have a few new ones and new positions included for this year. Download and print it so that you can gather the information you need to submit your data. (15 pages)
  • FairPayNCA2020JobList.pdf
    A list of the 200+ jobs included in the survey. (2 pages)
  • FairPayNCA2020JobDescriptions.pdf
    Job descriptions for each of the 200+ jobs included in the survey. (26 pages)
  • FairPayNCA2020Glossary.pdf
    Definitions of the terms used in the survey questionnaire. (2 pages)
  • FairPayNCA2020Flyer.pdf
    Flyer with information about the survey to share with other interested organizations. (1 page)

If you have any questions, please contact Rita Haronian at 510-645-1005 or