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Order your copy of the 2019 survey and pre-pay for the 2020 survey. Once you place your order, the 2019 survey report will be emailed to you as a PDF file within 24 hours.

If you're one of the more than 500 Northern California nonprofits who have already acquired the 2019 survey report, select "Prepay for the 2020 Survey Report" link in the payment window on the right to prepay at the lowest price that will be offered, participate in the 2020 survey and receive your copy of the survey report when it is published in April.

ACT NOW to Best Take Advantage of the 2-for-1 Offer:

614 nonprofit organizations, reporting on over 33,000 jobs, participated in the 2019 survey, making it the largest and most comprehensive in the survey's 40-year history! Here's how your organization can now benefit from what we consider to be the best survey of its kind:

  • Current, local compensation data on more than 200 jobs often found in nonprofit organizations throughout Northern California, including the metropolitan areas of the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento
  • Base pay levels and bonus/incentive pay for each job with details by annual operating budget, location within Northern California, number of employees and primary field of service
  • Employee benefits in detail: paid time off, insurance, retirement
  • Salary increases over the past year and expected during the next year
  • Policies with respect to on-call work, overtime, shift differentials, pay for bilingual skills, introductory periods, performance reviews and more.

The survey also helps your agency find out how the local nonprofit community is coping with current economic conditions. Here are some questions the survey can help nonprofit managers answer:

  • How do the salaries paid at our organization compare with those paid at similar, local organizations?
  • Are more organizations planning to increase salaries during the next year?
  • How common are bonuses or incentive pay for jobs like ours?
  • Are organizations shifting benefits costs to employees?
  • How do pay levels for male and female Executive Directors compare?

And if that's not enough incentive for you, consider this:

On the IRS Form 990, the IRS has standardized reporting to make comparing salaries easier and requires charities to provide information about the process they use to set the salaries of employees who receive $150,000 or more in total compensation.

The survey will help you navigate through this process and will be a primary tool to help you document the rationale you use to set the salaries you pay your executives.

Conducting your organization's own compensation and benefits survey to satisfy IRS requirements could cost you a small fortune. A much better alternative is to acquire Fair Pay for Northern California Nonprofits: The 2020 Compensation & Benefits Survey Report for a fraction of this amount.

So Here Is the 2-for-1 Offer:

For a limited time (until March 6, 2020), your organization can purchase the 2019 survey report for 50% off, if at the same time you agree to participate in the 2020 survey and pay the prepaying survey participant price. Note: Organizations who sign up for this offer but do not participate in the 2020 survey will be required pay the full non-participant price for the report.

Your Organization's Total Annual Expenses
Prepaying 2020 Survey Participants
2019 Non-participant Price at 50% off
Total Cost
Your Savings
(non-participant price for both surveys, minus your discounts)
Under $500,000 $60 $90 $150 $210
$500,000 – $1 million $90 $135 $225 $315
$1 – $2 million $120 $180 $300 $420
$2 – $5 million $150 $225 $375 $525
Over $5 million $180 $270 $450 $630

All those who are not nonprofit organizations can still purchase the survey report for $820.

Take advantage of this 2-for-1 offer (which expires March 16, 2020) and your organization will have the most current data until 2021.

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